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Empowering Youth Performance

Welcome to PLAYEREDGE, where youth athletes discover their true potential and elevate their sports performance to new heights.


How It Works

01. Unit Rental

Experience the power of performance tracking with our easy and convenient GPS unit rentals. Simply rent a unit for a tournament or a set duration, and unleash the potential of data-driven insights to elevate your game.

02. Performance Report

Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive performance reports. Our team will analyze your performance data, providing you with detailed feedback, comparisons to top players, and invaluable insights to guide your improvement journey.

03. Training Recommendations

Take your training to the next level with personalized recommendations. Our coaches turn your data into tailored training programs designed to target specific areas for improvement, enabling you to optimize your training efforts and make significant strides in your sports performance.


Understand Your

PLAYEREDGE offers a unique service that allows parents to rent GPS units. The rented GPS units collect valuable performance data during the events, which is then used to generate detailed performance reports. These reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the child's performance, comparing it to top players and offering tailored training recommendations. Additionally, we provide training programs focused on specific aspects of sports performance, such as speed, agility, and fitness, to further support the athletes' development.




Players and parents can access detailed performance analysis and comparison to top players, allowing you to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to enhance your skills and performance.


Receive personalized training recommendations based on the performance report. Complete customized programs that target specific areas of improvement and maximize your potential.


Easily rent GPS units for tournaments or a set duration, ensuring you/your child has access to advanced tracking technology. The rental service is convenient, hassle-free.

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