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Professional Swimmer

Optimising Student Athlete Wellbeing

Elevate your sports program to new heights with our advanced wellness and readiness assessment Platform.


01. Ask

Students complete an online form at a time(s) of your choice where they rate multiple wellness components, report areas of soreness and add any additional comments, such as injury, illness and more.

02. Analyse

Coaching and teaching staff access the online platform to identify correlations, trends and patterns across school years, sports and individuals in order to understand their student body.

03. Action

Export PDF files, share reports, make data driven decisions, tailor training programs, and provide personalised care to every student athlete.

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How It Works

Soccer Field


Understanding your ultimate student athlete wellness and readiness assessment platform.


Get real-time insights into the latest data and completed questionnaires, along with weekly response statistics to track student engagement. Identify students significantly below their norm and address potential areas of concern.

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